Back in Breck

Finally back on my skis after 6 months of ACL Rehab and i must say my knee is feeling stronger by the day. I am squating 111KG in the gym now and ever since skiing my muscle has been getting bigger which is good. I have not been doing much when it comes to skiing though, few rails here and there. I would kill to hit the jumps but its just not a good idea at the moment. Hopefully in June i can go to Camp Of Champions and Windells and find my feet again on the jumps!

Here are some photos off my Iphone over the last few weeks.


I went to the Oakley Office in Parnell Auckland on my way to San Fran! Thanks Rich!


My brother and I went for a cruise before my flight! I nearly got hit by a car.


Blurry DIA photo.


The Boys are back in town.


Squirrels, Nick and I boiling in the heat! & Huskys




Enjoy it-life motto


Nick & some big building in Denver.


Things you see downtown in Denver. Note* above the stop sign its “gaylord st”-Classic


Pretty self explanatory…


Instagram Buildings.

Will update again in the next few days!

Check out this little back on snow edit 🙂



Photo’s from Australia.

Found me on the flight over hiding behind Byron Wells…. Bahaha

Flying over Sydney


Found Russ Henshaw too… He is still gay though…


2 mins later i boxed the shit out of this Roo.

went up and checked out some Aussie ski fields… Looks fun when there is actually snow! Really wanna come over next season.


Ill get some more photos up later on… Net is just too slow at the moment!



The Red Ep II

Here is Ep2 from filming with jake Munro and Matt Soundy Early Season before blowing my ACL.







So I guess i better fill you all in, I took bit of a bail and ended up smashing my knee the other day, not my knee i had already hurt in the passed years…. but my so called ‘Good one’. So after a week of stressing and booking a MRI in Auckland after finding out homie Byron Wells might of hurt his badly too. we both needed to go to Auckland and get it checked out…. So thats what we have been up to.

So we went and got a MRI and then saw the Surgeon last night…….. 😦

So it turns out that Both Byron and I have both Done our ACL’s and also got some bone bruising. 😦 We were so gutted we didn’t talk to each other that much after that…. haha.

After the crap news we went out for dinner with my clothing sponsor Sly Guild. They managed to get our minds off everything and get a few laughs… and even got a box of the new top secret summer Line that they are working on…… They will be stocking in “The Supply Room” in Queenstown so make sure to check it out and snap some up! FRESH.

On way home got to snack out at the Gold card lounge

So yeah, If you talk to me in the next oh i dont know…… Year…. and im not happy. its probably cause this is annoying me to next levels.

But with 2014 there now i am aiming for that and i am even more determined to get at it all again. things happen and i can’t change it anymore so just got to tackle the task ahead of me and try my hardest to make sure it wont happen again… Might get a Road bike and get out biking a lot- Heard they help with knees? ha.



Blog Edit #1

Random B footy from early season up at snowpark nz. nothing special but a few shots of myself, Matt Soundy, Nick Rapley, Matt Johnson, Alec savery and Ryan Read.




The Red Episode 1

Here is Episode 1…. Nothing amazing seeing as it was all early season. episode 2 is coming out of SnowParkNZ with some real skiing!




The Red Teaser.

Here is a first glimpse of what The Red has to bring to you this winter. Featuring the likes of Myself and Matt Soundy.  Make sure to watch it in HD!

Filmed and Edited By Jake Munro at Lonely Boy Productions.

‘Episode I’ should be out in a few weeks once Coronet opens…. If it does open! :/